Calgary Wi-Fi Wireless Internet Service

An alternative high speed internet service in Calgary.

Fixed Wi-Fi (Residential Internet)

WestNet City Wi-Fi Coverage Map, Updated Summer 2023

Enjoy up to 100 megabits per/second download and upload Compare that to Shaw or Telus and save! WestNet offers the FASTEST upload speeds in the country!
Plans start at $19.99 to $99.99/month

To inquire on new service, please send us a email, to with your service address including your unit number.

US-based IP Addresses Available!

Packaged pricing available with WestNet Wireless Home Phone

HotSpot Wi-Fi (Cafe, Hotel, Park, etc Internet)

To sign up you will need to located in our HotSpot signal, look for the "WestNet" Wi-Fi Network on your computer or device.
$9.99 for high speed wireless internet per month (Wi-Fi HotSpot)

We made Calgary the first municipality in Canada to have its very own Wi-Fi network. We initially deployed outdoor Wi-Fi in 2002, again in 2004 and 2006. We now own and operate the largest Wi-Fi network in the country, both in terms of area and total amount of devices connected.

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